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Welcome to Ruby’s Rescued Life

Ruby was removed from her former home because of hoarding and severe neglect. While at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control facility, she and several other dogs from the same location joined Safe Humane Chicago’s Court Case Dog Program. Once her case was settled, she was transferred to a foster home and we adopted her several months later.

Ruby was seven or eight when we adopted her, making her a senior dog in the shelter world. Our vet thinks she has had multiple litters of puppies and probably gave away everything she had to care for them.  She suffers from seizures, immune system issues, and separation anxiety as a result of her rough start in life. We brought her home a month after we lost our first dog Pip. Everyone’s different, but for us adopting a new dog was the very best way to honor Pip. Life has a way of coming full circle and every ending is a new beginning (even when it hurts).

Ruby’s living the dream and these photos tell the story of her rescued life. We rescued her, but she also rescued us, helping us heal after losing Pip. Second chances are amazing whether you are the giving or receiving side.